Track Lighting-Benefits of Switching to LED

Controlling the light source in your place of business allows you to control the whole look and feel of your chosen mood, decor and color scheme. While decorative lamps and chandeliers are always excellent choices, few types of indoor lighting offer the ease and flexibility of LED track lighting. This type of lighting allows your light source to be moved around at will as your setups and displays change, making certain that the focus will always be where you want it. But there is a way to improve upon the benefits of track lighting, and that is to convert your track lighting system to use LED lights. There are a few reasons why this is a great idea.

It’s Easy

Converting your track light system to LED is as simple as installing LED bulbs where your older light bulbs used to be. There is no need to remove your tracks or rewire your electrical system. LED lighting is not difficult to obtain, nor does it have any special requirements for care and maintenance. An LED lighting system works in extreme temperatures, so even if your place of work isn’t a comfortable office or shop, they are an excellent long term choice. In addition, LED lights have a very long life span, meaning less work for you in the long run. It’s easy now, and it stays easy.


It’s Attractive

LED lights ( are one of the most flexible and customizable light sources on the market. They can be set up to have multiple intensities of light, from very dim to extremely bright, without the need to change your bulbs. One LED light source can put out a variety of colours, allowing you to choose exactly how you want your lighting to look. You have the ability to create a bright and dynamic look, a cozy, low-lit ambiance or anything in between. When attached to a track light system, you have the ability to completely revolutionize the way your store or office is lit, allowing for an environment that will leave your customers feeling impressed.

It’s Good For the Environment

LED lights, unlike many more traditional light bulbs, contain no toxic chemicals. They put out no UV emissions and very little infrared light, so they are completely safe to install in your workplace or even in your home. LED lights are also one hundred percent recyclable, so even when they have served their purpose, they will not contribute to pollution or landfill buildup. Because of their long life spans, fewer LED lights get thrown out, meaning that using LED lights can significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint. It’s also worth remembering that energy efficient light bulbs, while they may cost more up front, will save your business a lot of money in energy saved. You will notice the difference on your electrical bill almost immediately after making the switch.

LED Lights Last For a Long Time

The long life span of LED lights deserves some mention all on its own. Because they are so energy efficient, LED lights do not burn out nearly as quickly as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In fact most LED lighting systems last an estimated 100 000 hours. That’s eleven years of uninterrupted use, which expands to twenty-two years of use if you turn the lights off at night. This negates the need to constantly spend money on new light bulbs, not to mention the awkwardness of climbing on ladders (and sometimes on desks or counters) to change the light bulbs when they expire.

You Are In Control

Switching your track lighting system to LED bulbs gives you a system that you control completely. It’s an easy move and it remains low maintenance for the entire long life span of the system. Being able to maximize the potential of your lighting system is an underestimated perk. People tend not to notice the lighting in a business, but it’s a guarantee that they will notice if your lighting is patchy or sub-par. LED track lighting gives you the control to make your workplace look professionally lit and welcoming at all times. Whether you need intense lighting in a factory setting or pleasant illumination in a shop or in an office, LED track lighting will fulfil your needs and brighten your place of business.

What You Need to Know About Full Figure Bras

Making full figure bras is not a simple process. Sizing a bra is also complicated because there is no standard for measuring a woman’s breasts. How to measure a woman’s bra size is not wholly accurate without a three-dimensional measuring system such as is maybe found on the hospital’s MRI machine. If a trip to the emergency room for a bra fitting doesn’t appeal, there are other options. The standard is to measure the rib cage and add four inches if the number is even, five if the number is odd. That will indicate the band size 38, 40, etc. Then measure the fullest point of the breasts and subtract the band measurement from that number. The number of inches indicates cup size.

Full figure bras are composed of many parts and pieces. Some accepted terms are bands – referring to the area under the breasts, cups – the area that holds and supports the breasts, straps – hold up the bra, and clasps – hold the bra together at the front or back. Underwire shapes the breast, but doesn’t provide much support. Curvy women will likely find bras that fasten in the back are more comfortable and supportive than bras that fasten in the front. Full figure bras also require elastic, underwire, and straps. The support in a bra is provided by the material that makes the cup. Stretchier fabrics provide less support than non-extensible fabrics. The amount of material covering the breast is also a factor in support. A demi bra is less supportive than one that provides full coverage. Underwire in full figure bras is there for shaping, not support. A properly fitted underwire bra should have underwire that extends from under a woman’s arms around to the front of the breast to lift and shape. Full figure bras without underwire can provide the same or more support than bras that contain underwire. It depends on what shape a woman wants in her bra.

Strapless full figure bras are still a possibility. Newer bras contain silicone lining along the back and side wings, this gives a slightly sticky feeling that keeps the bra in place where it’s been placed, and gives the girls all the support they need. Full figure bras with three clasps and slightly wider bands provide more support and smoother contour lines from the back. Clear straps are also a possibility if the night out involves dancing or some other activity that might rearrange the initial placement. Though the evening might be more memorable if there is a “wardrobe malfunction”, nobody want to be the subject of that particular anecdote.

Full figure bras have evolved along with advances in technology to provide comfortable support to a variety of body shapes and sizes. Comfortable women are confident women who feel attractive and ready to try anything. Knowing a little bit about the physics involved in the construction of a vital clothing element means that women can shop for the best option to satisfy their particular needs. Every woman is unique and her underwear should be able to exceed her expectations.

How to access Prescription Discounts to reduce your Pharmacy Bill.

There are many people in the United States who do not have medical coverage for pharmacy prescriptions, many of which are very expensive.  In some situations the cost of these prescriptions may force people to choose between their medication and groceries.   There are prescription discounts available to help reduce the cost of medication.

What are discount prescription programs and how do they work?

Pharmacy prescription discount programs are offered outside of medical insurance.  They are not health insurance.  These are companies who have created relationships and negotiated prescription discounts with drug manufacturers and pharmacies.  They create a network in which these discounts will be offered.


Is there a cost to join?

Each program will vary in whether or not they have an enrollment fee.  There are a number of no-fee providers that offer prescription discounts, however be sure to thoroughly read the policy and fine print of the provider you are interested in.  Beware, these programs are not strictly regulated and there is always a possibility of being scammed if an enrollment fee is being requested.  Complete your due diligence before you provide any payment and be wary of those programs who are requesting personal/credit information.

How do you access the discounts?

To access these prescription discounts the process is simply stated: enroll online, print off your card (or in some cases provide an electronic version), present it to your pharmacist and receive your prescription discounts immediately.

The process itself is easy to use, but it is important to know that you must do a bit of research before you try to use the card.  Not all pharmacies belong to the same network, therefore make sure that the pharmacy you are visiting is a member of the program network.  Once you decide on an approved pharmacy you need to research if your particular prescription is covered and, if so, at what rate.  Most prescription discounts can be calculated on the provider’s website to avoid surprises when you go to pay for your prescription.  Alternatively a quick call to the pharmacist to discuss your prescription and cost prior to visit can also be done.

As this is not medical insurance all costs are paid at the time of supply by the consumer, out of pocket, less any prescription discounts that may apply.  There are no claims to file or pre-approvals completed.

What if you have medical coverage already?  Can you still access the discounted pricing?

In most cases yes, however there are some discount plans that may restrict those with insurance (again be sure to thoroughly read the program policies).  For most discount plans you can still access the prescription discounts even if you have existing medical coverage.  However, as not all insurance plans are the same and there may be limitations with regards to deductibles.  It’s recommended that before utilizing these programs that you contact your plan administrator to discuss any implications or restrictions.

Is this a good option?
Overall, yes, if the program you select is legitimate the prescription discounts you receive can certainly help alleviate the cost burden of medication on the uninsured and insured alike.  As with any decision proper research is required to determine if the program is a good fit and cost effective for you.

Fascinating Snow Sculpture

Millions of people around the world are infatuated with the art of snow sculptures. They flock to see a frozen winter wonderland. An ice kingdom created completely out of ice is awe-inspiring particularly, for children. They love to stand next to gigantic handcrafted sculptures of places, buildings, people and animals. It is like being transported to another world for them.

The beauty of colored ice is jaw dropping and so magical. Even though the temperature is below freezing, people do not care when it comes to this art form. They welcome donning a Parka so that they can experience a snow sculpture kingdom in the first hand, and freezing is the last thing on their minds.

To create this type of natural beauty like the ice kingdom, it requires an overwhelming amount of artificial ice – 2 million pounds in fact. The glow resonating from the snow sculptures is created by an art LED lighting system, placed in the sculptures internally.

Can Ice Kingdom Snow Sculpture Only be Seen in Cold Areas?

No, an ice sculpture can be built anywhere, not only in countries with cold temperatures, because the ice is refrigerated to keep it frozen. Snow sculpture exhibits are held even in very warm places like Tennessee, Dallas and Florida.

Where is a Snow Sculpture Like Ice Kingdom Kept in?

In order for this magnificent work of art to be displayed, a ceiling of over 15 feet high is needed, with an area of 10,000 – 20,000 square feet. Since the colored, transparent and opaque ice is created in a portable ice factory, it is possible to build the kingdom almost anywhere. As well, it can be tailored to an established building, a temporary building or an air dome that is custom-made to hold it.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Snow Sculpture Like an Ice Kingdom?

Due to the complexity, it takes 28 days and 40 ice sculpture artists to create an ice exhibit such as the ice palace. It takes almost a month for artists to handcraft the ice and snow sculptures because ice is very technical and volatile to use. Artists have to master and respect the artistic and scientific aspects of the ice sot hey can transform large chunks of ice into the artistic wonders. It requires much more than just a gentle hand and a chainsaw to get it just right.

How are the Snow Sculptures Made?

As stated earlier, the ice is artificially made. This is because natural ice shows its imperfections, while artificial ice is crystal clear enabling the artists maintain a high degree of light reflection and control. Carving the snow sculpture is a slow process, because of bubbling in the ice; hence careful attention is required to not fracture it. Opaque or white ice is created by trapping air within the ice making it weaker and even harder to work with. As well, the ice has different workability stages. When frozen, ice is brittle and hard for the artists to work with it. This is why sculpting is usually done in a controlled environment.

A lot of time and energy goes into creating an ice kingdom, and that is why it so breathtaking. It is hard to imagine how a lump of ice and snow can be transformed into such a beautiful snow sculpture.

A Snow Show the Grinch Would Steal

In Texas, a real Canadian winter might be hard to come by. After all, Texas is thousands of miles south from Canada. So unless those maple-leafed beer drinkers invade, there is no need to worry about a Canadian winter. Though there have been recorded periods of heavy snowfall and cold snaps in Texas, those are rare. A Texan snow show does not happen every winter.

Of course, it would be really, really cool to have a snow show in the middle of summer. Not one created by the weather, and not travelling to either the South of North poles. Imagine walking outside into 87˚ F, no clouds blocking the sun and no wind to ease the heat. Then imaging going to the local stadium or auditorium for a reprieve from the heat. This reprieve may be in the form of air conditioning, or it could be in the form of a snow show: ice sculptures and man-made snow and cold. Ducking into that place for five minutes would strip all the uncomfortable heat of the day away.
ArtThere are businesses around the world that create such an experience, though few of them are Canadian (why would those crazy Canucks want to make winter when they have to deal with it for eight months at a time?). These businesses specialize in creating a cool atmosphere: a snow show. They carve blocks of ice into animals, buildings, people and places for everyone’s enjoyment in the summer months. This would be a fun way to get out of the heat and relax in a Canadian fashion (because some of the businesses will provide parkas).

It is possible that one could catch cold while attending a snow show. Warm jackets are provided and sizes of all kinds are available, but hey, a cold may still have me caught. It is not one’s fault, but would not that be interesting? Catching a cold in 80˚F weather outside in a 9˚F controlled climate in the snow show!! The upside to catching cold is that one will get it in an interesting manner: while walking through an indoor ice wonderland, viewing life size sculptures of nutcrackers and the Grinch (who stole Christmas). There are even slides for the children built into the sculptures.

While a snow show might be different everywhere else in the world, it is still a unique experience for anyone involved. 40 internationally famous sculptors work for 28 days to create a wonderland using 2,000,000 pounds of ice. The height of the ceiling must be at least 15 feet to fit the castles and sculptures inside. The area needed to house the entire kingdom needs to be between 15,000 and 20,000 square feet that is about the size of half a football field. Half a football field’s worth of cool fun for the children and family, despite the weather outside! The most popular and professional of these businesses would have to be ISA Attractions. They have a team of dedicated sculptors and the equipment necessary to make a winter wonderland in the heart of Texas.

How to Find Expertise in Facial Fillers

If you are considering how facial fillers can improve your appearance, you can begin by seeking professional advice from an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in treatment with facial fillers for natural results. Facial fillers can help to restore a youthful balance to your features by correcting problems related to deficiencies in facial volume. Treatment with facial fillers has the potential to rejuvenate your appearance and refresh your overall look, adding to gains in confidence and an improved professional or social profile.

As we age, it is common to see our facial features begin to “fall” with the effects of gravity, stress, repeated facial expression over the years, and the descent the facial tissue that helps us to appear young and alert. The most significant contributor to dark circles under the eyes (along with other deficiencies in facial volume) is often the descent of the Malar fat pad. The malar fat pad can be understood as the triangular region on both cheeks that is responsible for full, soft facial features. This is the look associated with youth.

With this fall in facial features, you may find your face beginning to appear hollow, tired, and exhibiting the signs if age. If you are experiencing dark circles under the eyes, you have probably already found that these are not improved with makeup or creams. This is also true of other concerns related to the absence of facial volume.

This is where facial fillers are beneficial. By recognizing that the cause of the dark circles and hollow features is a lack of essential tissue volume, this problem can be corrected by using fillers to reestablish the natural fullness in the affected areas. If you are dissatisfied with dark circles under the eyes, under eye Restylane is usually the most appropriate filler. For places where the filler needs to be placed deeper in the dermis, for example in the cheeks, Perlane is often an excellent and effective choice of treatment.

Treatment with facial fillers is a nonsurgical procedure, given through an injection that can be provided during a comfortable office visit. Furthermore, the hyaluronic acid fillers are long lasting yet not permanent, and can be readily adjusted with the enzyme hyaluronidase. This makes fillers a particularly attractive alternative to surgery. Cosmetic surgery can also be very beneficial for the right individuals, but if surgery is not indicated then a minimally invasive approach such as treatment with facial fillers is advisable.

It should also be noted that the use of facial fillers can often serve as a complement to eyelid surgery and other cosmetic surgeries aimed to achieve facial balance. Fillers can effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and act to contour and refine your features. Under the care of a skilled physician, treatment with facial fillers may improve outcomes from a blepharoplasty, lidlift, facelift, or in conjunction with nonsurgical procedures. Your precise treatment course will depend on your unique circumstances and treatment goals.

Facial fillers can help to brighten your looks and restore the appearance of youth. If you are concerned that a loss of facial volume may be contributing to an aging appearance, consult with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in facial fillers.

Plus Size Bras and Word of Mouth Advertising

Replacing a favorite bra can be an ordeal. It’s kind of like losing an old friend. Finding a well made and well fitted bra is not always easy, especially if one is looking for a specific color or style. Plus size bras are not necessarily found in the department store or at well known lingerie outlets. This is when hearing from friends becomes a real advantage. If someone has already done the legwork then the rest becomes easy. Plus size bras larger than 38E must usually be found in specialty or custom shops. Fortunately these are becoming more common as entrepreneurial ladies recognize the market’s need for larger and more exciting bra choices for curvaceous ladies.

Plus size bras and other intimate apparel is a growing market. Custom shops and boutiques catering to plus sized ladies are becoming more common. Specialty underwear, nightwear, and lingerie has become more mainstream in the culture. It is acceptable to purchase a daring corset ensemble to wear for one’s husband or partner at home. Fantasy wear and costumes are also more popular. Plus size bras and underwear that fit well serve to enhance a lady’s confidence for that special scenario. And after the first time it becomes easier to return and buy another set. Making sure that set will last as long as possible is easy; as with any other bra, a plus size bra should be hand-washed in tepid water with a gentle soap, and laid flat or hung up to dry. Caring for a bra is relatively simple, but a bit more time consuming than other garments.

Finding a store carrying clothes that fit well is a discovery that must be shared with friends. Those friends will go try it out and pass word along to their friends. Word of mouth advertising is the one of the most effective tools that a business can use. A well-connected person can make or break a fledgling franchise. Advertising is an important part of a business, and there are more tools available now than ever before to easily reach out to all facets of the public. Traditional methods such as magazine and newspaper advertising are still effective, but can be enhanced by the use of social media. Facebook and Twitter make use of friend and family networks to disseminate information. Companies that make and sell plus size bras and underwear can rely on their owners’ and employees’ personal networks to get the word out. Penning a short article about a business and using networks to disperse the information can result in a rush of people eager to try their products. It is also an easy way to advertise a special or sale on plus size bras, or let people know about a promotional contest or deal. Another advertising idea for bras is their uses after they’re worn out. Plus size bras have many more uses than just keeping a lady well-supported. Slingshots, purses, and fruit carriers all become possibilities. Donating a well loved bra to a charity to raise money, or sending them away to be used by those less fortunate is also a possibility.

Even with the best of care, the most well constructed bra in the world will eventually need to be replaced. Nothing lasts forever, and there are always benefits to adding a new friend to the lingerie drawer. If plus size bras are well made and looked after, they can be around for a long time. Trite but true, you get back what you put in. Just as friendships require maintenance, underwear also needs love.

A Snow Show is A Celebration of Winter

A snow show is also known as a snow carnival and can include anything from snowboarding to snowman building, snowball fights to ice mazes. Many families enjoy taking a winter retreat from the coziness of indoors to get active during the snowy season. With an insulated coat, warm mittens, a toque and snow pants, even the coldest day can be bearable and actually quite fun!

In Canada, a snow show is a popular outing and activity. Winter carnivals take place is almost every provincial city that receives its share of snowfall. The most well-known festival in Canada is the Quebec Winter Festival, which is one of the world’s largest winter festivals and hosts its annual celebration every January into February. Recognized by its loveable snowman mascot, Bonhomme, the Quebec Winter Festival has been around since 1955. The festival is Quebec’s largest attraction and has a parade, snow competitions, parties, feasts and plethora of other activities to keep visitors busy.

Some other popular snow shows in Canada include Winterlude in Ottawa, WinterCity in Toronto, and Corner Brook Winter Carnival in Newfoundland. The Great White North isn’t the only place with its abundance of snow shows. Norway, Japan, Russia and Britain all have at least one large snow show in their region.

Activities vary with the size and location of the snow show. Ice and snow sculptures decorate the festivals and draw from inspiration in nature, popular culture and even logos of certain businesses. Aside from the beauty etched in ice, a snow show can be a child’s wonderland. Winter activities such as skating, snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding highlight most winters for young people. Favorite past times include building snowman, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice hockey, and many more.

The universal beverage and must-have of any snow show is hot chocolate or cocoa. The steamy beverage pairs well with the cold and warms the body with its sweet flavor. Any hot drink, such as cider, coffee or mocha can also be found around the carnival. Maple taffy is a sweet treat at winter carnivals and is generally served on snow. Other wintertime goodies are warm soup, eggnog and gingerbread cookies.

A main aspect of a snow show is the entertainment. Some of the best aerial and freestyle snowboarding and skiing professionals come out to compete and show off their impressive skills for an audience. This is also an opportunity for winter buffs to check out extreme sporting films or the latest in new snow sport merchandise and products. Outdoor entertainment, such as music, performers and dancing usually take place during the nighttime. A lot of the participants hang around the festival to socialize with other pros and patrons. It’s a great celebration of wintertime and brings people together in a unique setting.

Winter snow shows happen globally in all different forms. Whether it’s a Quebec Winter Festival or an extreme sporting snow show, each event provides an opportunity to get out and enjoy the snow and experience the joy and culture of the season.

Take Your Family To An Ice Carving Show

There are as many different feelings about winter as there are people who have lived through at least once cold winter. Some people love it and some people hate it. Some people enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery while others just see a big frozen mess that will need to be shoveled before they can take their car out of the driveway. No matter how you feel about winter, most people agree that it can sometimes seem to outstay its welcome. When the winter blues have a hold on you, one of the most interesting ways to liven up your winter is to visit an ice carving show.

If you’ve never been to an ice carving show, you don’t know what you’re missing. They can range from small local displays to huge international competitions. Snow artists create sculptures out of blocks of ice or compressed snow. The subject matter can be just about anything you can think of. From fanciful creatures to beautiful animals, from fictional characters to huge, fully functional castles, ice carving is limited only by the imagination of the carvers. Some ice shows even have hotels made completely of ice, where guests can spend the night. We can only hope they’ve thought of some way to make the floors less slippery!

Ice carving starts, of course, with frozen water. But not just any water will do! Professional ice carvers use specially made ice, frozen in such a way as to make sure that there are no imperfections in the perfectly clear water. Before carving, an ice block can weigh several tons… good luck making that in your freezer! Not all carving ice is crystal clear, however. Some carvers use ice that was made from water that contained a lot of air, making the ice pure while. Still others use colored ice for a bright and beautiful effect.

When you visit an ice show, remember to bundle up! Even when it’s sunny out, the ice wouldn’t be there if it weren’t freezing cold. Indoor shows don’t reach the glacial temperatures that outdoor shows do, but they’re still kept in very cold environments… a necessity when your exhibits are at risk of becoming puddles! You should also remember to bring your camera. You’ll be amazed at some of the sights you’ll see. You may even get the memorable experience of watching some sculptors working on their ice carvings. It’s cool (and cold!) to think of what a simple block of ice can become.

Even if you’ve been to a snow show before, it’s worth your time to visit a new one every winter. Ice sculptures don’t last for long, so every show you visit will have a new array of frozen artwork for you to enjoy. It’s also worth visiting an ice show at night when the sculptures are lit up with colored lights; a whole different experience than during the day! The art of ice carving is just one of the many ways to warm up a long and dreary winter. Take your family and see how beautiful ice and snow can be!

Large Bras and Survivors

Everyone in this day and age knows someone who has been affected by cancer. It has taken mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, granddaughters, and nieces away from families. Those left behind can raise money, wear ribbons, and do their best to go on as though life hasn’t changed irrevocably and forever. Breast cancer survivors are often left traumatized and physically changed. Surgery and chemotherapy are hard on the body. Drugs and changes in lifestyle can lead to weight gain, and it’s tough for a woman to feel sexy when she’s lost all of her hair. Whether a woman is upsizing or downsizing, finding large bras to fit properly in these circumstances help can make a big difference in attitude to a suffering family.

Women facing cancer who can find something positive to focus on often do better than those who cannot get past the difficulty of their illness. Attitude is important. Shopping may seem like a trivial pursuit, but feeling good in an outfit, or pajamas can help with treatment and recovery. Normal activities – shopping with girlfriends, or having a coffee together can make a world of difference. Knowing the right store to find large bras and panty sets that will allow for a fun-filled evening with a partner can boost spirits and raise energy levels. Even if a fun-filled evening consists of just holding on to each other. Life’s little pleasure are what offset its challenges.

Supporting cancer research can help many women to rally; some of them go on to participate in runs for the cure, and other group activities that survivors use to help support each other. There are many systems in place to help combat breast cancer. Large bras and underwear sets in pink are available to purchase with proceeds going towards cancer research. Many corporations and stores – even sports teams – wear pink, or sell pink ribbons to support breast cancer research and survivors. No one has been untouched by the disease, and it seems that everyone want to help.

If a woman’s disease has progressed to the point that she will require a mastectomy, then her bra-buying days will be forever changed. Depending on a woman’s views, that might eventually be a positive, but having a mastectomy is always a traumatic decision to make. Men and women alike place a great deal of emphasis on women’s breasts as symbols of attractiveness and sex appeal. Self-esteem can take a tumble if this isn’t handled carefully. Reconstructive surgery opens a world of options for women who want it, and online shopping has made it easier to purchase small or large bras without having to leave the house. Life is hard enough already.

Little things may make a great deal of difference in situations where people are facing challenges. Breast cancer, any cancer, demands a great deal of mental toughness from everyone involved. Little things like finding the right pajamas and underwear, whether it be small or large bras will make a difference to the person involved. Whether a good day means getting out of bed or running a 5km race, being comfortable in what they’re wearing can make the decision between success and misery. No one remains untouched, so help make a difference.