Bridging the Divide with a Family Nurse Practitioner

Nursing is an evolving medical practice with it’s own specializations and standards of care. Nurse practitioners are an essential part of the healthcare system. Often spending many years in training and continuing education, the family nurse practitioner is responsible for taking care of family health in primary care facilities. But what do they do exactly?

Family nurse practitioners, like a family physician, are first line responders in the community. Operating out of clinics, offices, hospitals, urgent care sites, nursing homes, they are required by law to have completed a masters or PhD and have advanced clinical training. They can be found in rural or urban areas and often play a much needed role in the community.

According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, nurse practitioners (including family nurse practitioners) offer a vital service, often supplementing the role of the family doctor, as they can write prescriptions, order medical tests, treat and assess acute and chronic health issues and conditions, and provide counseling.  In areas that are suffering primary care physician shortages, they can become a feasible alternative to long wait lists.
Family nurse practitioners specialize in the support and wellbeing of the family unit, this includes training in pediatrics, adult, and geriatrics.  Family practitioners can offer advice on contraceptive and family planning issues, administer immunizations, and provide genetic evaluations and screenings. From everything from musculoskeletal disorders to psychosocial and behavioral issues, there is a broad range of knowledge and training that goes into being a family nurse practitioner.

Like a physician, family nurse practitioners must adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct and act in the best interest of their patients. They must also be licensed to practice in the state they are in and undergo periodic peer review and in-practice evaluations.  They are also required to commit to continuing education and re-certification, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. As well, many practitioners involve themselves in ongoing medical research and write articles for peer reviewed medical journals.

Family nurse practitioners are an essential part of the healthcare arena. They offer vital family oriented services such as contraception and family planning counseling, pediatric and geriatric care, immunizations, psychosocial counseling and patient outreach. In areas that are experiencing a primary care physician shortage, they can also bridge the gap, filling a vital need and ensuring top quality patient care. They are trained and certified, and must comply to the same ethical standards required by physicians and are dedicated to continuing their education and passing their research and knowledge onto their patients.

For those interested in becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, education and certification has never been more accessible. There are numerous schools and organizations available to train with and professional associations, such as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners often offer scholarships to those interested in joining their ranks.

Healthcare in America is evolving day by day, and family nurse practitioners are a vital part of that evolution. They bridge primary care gaps and offer a holistic approach centered on total patient and family care.

The History of Adoption

Adoption has long been in practice not just in human society, but in animal kingdoms as well. Many have heard stories of animals adopting other animals of different species, let alone broods. The European Common Cuckoo employs obligate brood parasitism within the animal kingdom, like accidental baby-swapping in the maternity ward, except not accidental, wherein the Cuckoo lays her eggs in the nest of another bird. The Cuckoo chick then instinctually destroys the rival, original, eggs in the nest in order to grow the newcomers uncontested.

Maybe the Cuckoo knows it will be a bad parent. Maybe it’s lazy or it just breeds a lot. If an unconscious species can easily and without regret raise a different species, then it should follow that other species can raise strangers from within their own species. Adoption, a necessarily human construct, (after all, doesn’t everyone feel the urge to care for something small, harmless, cute, when they see it?), is the action or fact of adopting or being adopted. A person assumes the parenting of a youth, transferring all rights and responsibilities from the original parents.

The Code of Hammurabi is a Babylonian, human-sized and etched stone, that details many of the laws of Babylonia, including adoption. This legal code was created by the Babylonian king Hammurabi around 1772 BC. Much like today, though not without unique Babylonian exceptions (such as a class system and the origination of “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”), adoption had to be achieved with the consent of the natural parents.

Ancient Rome had its adoption laws outlined in the Corpus Juris Civilis, a body of work commissioned by order of Justinian I. Adoption in Rome was popular among the senatorial class and was also used to help with a smooth imperial succession. Though where Nero, who was adopted, is concerned, the succession may not prove a good idea. It followed throughout the millennia to influence much of the Western legal tradition known and loved today.

A large difference between adoptions today versus those of antiquity is that it was a legal tool to establish economic and political allegiance. Essentially, children were used as living currency, though usually treated better than any random coin. The patriarchy of Rome was perpetuated through adoption, the thought of the time being that men were better than women.

Ancient India and China used it not as a method of extending familial lines, but as a way to continue cultural and religious practices. In India, sons were adopted in order to perform the necessary funerary rights; in China, males were adopted primarily for ancestor worship.

Adoption of females in ancient times is not widely mentioned, though it could be safe to assume that, as a woman’s position in ancient society was almost solely for breeding, the adoption was not for reasons of extending family lines or managing estates. As ridiculous as this reads, it is the truth. Adoption numbers for girls are high in places like China and India because of their reliance on sons.

The adoption process goes back many millennia but one thing is certain.  When a child is taking in by caring parents, everyone benefits.

Double eyelid surgery has many potential benefits.

This past month on The Talk, Julie Chen shared a personal secret that in the ‘90s while working at a TV station she was informed that she would never be on the anchor desk because she was Chinese.  Ms. Chen actually presented a very subtle and nuanced discussion about why she ultimately went forward with double fold surgery.  Her motivations were truly intermixed with both the racist attitudes of the day and the real reasons that many Asians seek double fold surgery.

Unfortunately the message is too subtle for mainstream American culture to understand.  They prefer to understand the Julie Chen story as a young Asian who was forced to compromise her cultural identity and have her eyes “Westernized,” so she could climb the ladder to success.  However, her story is much more layered than that.  She had a physical issue: she lacked a double fold and had upper eyelid ptosis.  These two physical issues are commonly seen in Asian eyelids.  Ptosis means that the upper eyelid margin is too low on the eye.  In addition to this she lacked an eyelid platform, which is a fixed area of skin above the upper eyelid lashes.  This platform of skin is needed to hold eye makeup.

She was advised by a high level agent, who knew what he was talking about, that these two issues would affect her marketability on television.  As she freely admits, her career took off after she had these physical issues addressed surgically.  Her pictures also suggest that she had rhinoplasty but she has denied this.  Make no mistake, she did not “Westernize” her eyelids.  What she did was make it possible for others to see her eyes, which improved and enhanced her physical attractiveness.  This small surgery made a huge difference in her career.  Her surgery was a specialized Asian cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian blepharoplasty, also known as “double eyelid surgery” and “double fold surgery”, is cosmetic eyelid surgery that either creates an eyelid platform and an upper eyelid fold where none existed or improves an existing double fold.  Scientific research has found that the eyes contribute significantly to the subjective assessment of beauty. While the perception of beauty is subjective, evolutionary neuropsychologists have found certain Universal standards of beauty including eyes that are larger, wider and more prominent.  The upper eyelid crease serves to frame the eye and together with the aid of proper makeup, the appearance of the eye is esthetically enhanced.  In contrast, the lack of a double fold with a well-defined upper eyelid platform, a droopy eyelid contribute to a slow, dull, or disinterested appearance.   Double fold surgery is used to define an upper eyelid platform.  It is limited superiorly by the crease and covered by the upper eyelid fold.  The goal is preservation of the typical Asian eyelid with a limited but well define and even platform visible below the fold.  It is essential that there be a fold that partially covers the upper eyelid platform.  The platform skin and the muscle underlying the platform skin needs to be properly tensioned to the levator aponeurosis, the tendon that opens the upper eyelid.  This transfers tension to the eyelashes.  Done correctly, this helps support the eyelashes so they do not overly shade the eye.  This contributes to a bright-eyed appearance.

The Procedure

It is far too easy to underestimate the challenges of double fold surgery.  Double fold surgery is an exercise in extreme precision and finesse.  No two eyelids are symmetric, yet our vision is capable discerning small difference between the eyes.  This requires the surgeon to endeavor for a level of accuracy that is actually beyond what can reasonably be expected due to how the tissues heal.  Dealing with this conundrum requires artfulness.  The pre-operative assessment must be very detailed to design a surgery that encompasses the issues that must be addressed to realize the best possible outcome.

Beyond the lack of a fold, the true upper eyelid position must be assessed to determine if the eyelid is ptotic or droopy.  Correcting this requires ptosis surgery, which is separate from what is normally thought of as double fold surgery-the creation of an upper eyelid crease and the removal of the correct amount of upper eyelid skin.  During the assessment, the surgeon in consultation with the patient needs to decide how much platform is to show below the upper eyelid fold.  The crease height then needs to be determined.  Many textbooks describe how the upper eyelid crease should be placed at 10 mm for women.  This is far too high for double fold.  These eyelids need creases at 5.5 to 6.5 mm.  The eyelid crease is the lower edge of the upper eyelid excision.  The upper edge of this excision is determinied by how much skin is being removed.  This is determined by the desired platform show.  It is not unusual to only remove a few millimeters of upper eyelid skin with these surgeries. What is left is far more important than what is removed.

Generally almost no fat is removed from the upper eyelid in these surgeries.  It is actually very important to preserve upper fold volume.  Classical anchor blepharoplasty is then performed to precisely attach the upper cut edge of the eyelid platform to the levator aponeurosis. The levator aponeurosis is the tendon of the upper eyelid that raises the upper eyelid when the eye opens.  When the platform is precisely defined, the skin and underlying platform of the upper eyelid heals with a snug appearance, which makes a suitable place for eye makeup.

Initially the swelling of the upper eyelid makes the upper eyelid crease look high.  If this is not the case, it may be an early indication that too much skin was left in the eyelid.  Generally within a couple of weeks of surgery, there is enough healing that strangers stop asking what happened.  Generally it is a couple of months of healing before the crease begins to fall to a reasonable height.  However, it is still many more months before all of the swelling disappears and a final result can reasonably be declared.

Repairing Unsatisfactory Work

World famous Beverly Hills Eye Plastic Surgeon, Kenneth Steinsapir, M.D. does amazing double fold surgery.  Perhaps more remarkable is the repair work that he is able to accomplish to correct improperly done double fold surgery.  The methods he uses are complex and often designed for unique individual situations.  Using his vast experience and his detailed understand of the Asian eyelid, he has been successful in repairing and improving eyelids that others have described as impossible and beyond hope.

The Impact

Undergoing a double fold surgery can make a tremendous difference in your appearance.  It can correct puffiness in the upper eyelids that causes the eyes to appear tired.  When needed, this work can be combined with ptosis surgery to create a much brighter looking eye.   For many, it will help increase their level of confidence in themselves.  The story of Julie Chen exemplifies the impact this type of surgery can make. It is not about Westernizing the eyelid.  It is about your personal aesthetic to be your best.

Pregnant Adoption and Single Parents

Adoption is a noble and generous undertaking; providing a home and love to a child. Despite this, there are still many people who raise an eyebrow at the idea of a single person adopting a child. Some people view being a single parent as a hardship and wonder why anyone would make the choice willingly. The reality is that single people want to adopt a child for the same reasons as married couples. Single people can feel the biological yearning to raise a child; sometimes they just haven’t met a partner to have a child with. A lot of people today are putting off marriage and having children, but single people can provide as much of a loving and stable home as a married couple. If you are in the midst of a pregnant adoption, there is no need to immediately reject the idea of short-listing a single person as a candidate.

Am I Depriving My Child of a Traditional Two-Parent Family?

Some people are against single people adopting babies because they claim it deprives children of a traditional two-parent family with a mother and father. This bias is especially prevalent towards single men considering adopting a child. Although having two parents in a household would make certain aspects easier, single people do have an extended support network of family and friends that can help with the raising of a child. Also, the United States has a very high divorce rate; there is a lot of evidence to suggest that a stable and loving single parent is much better for the child than a broken or unstable dual-parent situation. Pregnant adoption aside, many single people choose to become parents via IVF and sperm donors as well. Single parents are becoming the norm.


Most Single People Are Financially Independent.

Another reason that some people think single people shouldn’t adopt is that they are not financially stable or ready to support a child. In most cases, single people looking to adopt are settled in their careers, are financially able to provide for themselves independently, and are self- sufficient in many ways. They also have high levels of education. All of this points to an ability to provide a stable home life. Adoption agencies screen for things such as financial stability too, so whether a couple or not, if you are not financially stable, you wouldn’t be permitted into the pool of approved candidates awaiting a child. Remember this when going through potential families for your pregnant adoption.

Many Single People Adopt Older Kids or Children Who Struggle to be Adopted

Many single people adopt children that a married couple might consider their ‘second choice.’ They are willing to adopt and parent children who are over the age of five or are from an interracial background because they don’t see a pregnant adoption as the epitome of parenthood. This gives children who would have moved from foster home to foster home a stable household to call home. In many ways this makes the single-parent looking to adopt, invaluable.

There are many single people that have the desire to become parents. Sometimes people have no desire to marry, but they want the joys of parenthood. A single person may be divorced and have no plan to remarry—yet they still have the desire to become a parent through adoption. This desire can’t be realized without the help of a pregnant adoption, or a birth mother trusting a single person. If you are a single person looking to adopt a child, know your options, be persistent and don’t give up!

It Makes Sense to use a Luxury Real Estate Agent

When it comes to a specified market, you will want to work with somebody that has extensive knowledge in that field. If you have a specific ailment, you would find a doctor that has knowledge and experience directly related to that issue so you can get the appropriate treatment from a trusted source. When you want you specific brand of vehicle fixed, you find a mechanic that specializes in that field. Real estate is no different. When it comes to selling a prestige home you will want a luxury real estate agent that works directly in this area.

A luxury real estate agent has specific knowledge in the sale of high end housing. If you have a luxury home that you are trying to sell, work with somebody who specializes in this field. In addition to helpful advice and marketing strategies, a luxury real estate agent will also have a database of customer looking to purchase a home similar to yours. As this is the type of clientele that they regularly deal with, they will be fully accustomed to the logistics and demands of a high end home.

If you are looking to purchase a specific home in this market, then you will want to contact your local luxury real estate agent for help. A great deal of highly demanded homes go on the market and are quickly purchased before they are fully advertised. Your luxury real estate agent will want to spend some time meeting with you to figure out exactly what it is you are looking for. They will get an idea of your taste and style and amenities that are essential to you and your home. Armed with this intimate knowledge of you, they are able to show you homes that are specific to your needs, many of which you would not have been able to locate on your own. These specialty real estate agents are familiar with the unique lifestyles of these homeowners and understand the confidentiality and discretion needed when purchasing a new home. They will have a running database on what’s new in the market and where the trends are going. They can properly advise you on what areas are better to purchase in based on your specific needs. Yes, much of this can be done on your own, but without the proper knowledge and expertise, what would have been a joyous home purchase experience can quickly go very wrong.

There are many people who can adequately “get the job done”. This is true for any manner of business. When it comes to your specific needs though, do you want somebody with a general knowledge in this field or somebody that is dedicated to this type of work? Would you want a general practitioner to help diagnose and treat a specific problem or would you feel more comfortable working with a specialist that has first-hand knowledge of your ailment? Do you want a general body shop working on your rare vehicle or would you rather a company that has years of experience only dedicated to this specific type of car. Real estate is no different, there are literally thousands of real estate agents available to help you find or sell your home. However when it comes to million dollar ventures and specific requests, you will want a luxury real estate agent that has the knowledge and experience directly in this field.

What You Need to Know About Full Figure Bras

Making full figure bras is not a simple process. Sizing a bra is also complicated because there is no standard for measuring a woman’s breasts. How to measure a woman’s bra size is not wholly accurate without a three-dimensional measuring system such as is maybe found on the hospital’s MRI machine. If a trip to the emergency room for a bra fitting doesn’t appeal, there are other options. The standard is to measure the rib cage and add four inches if the number is even, five if the number is odd. That will indicate the band size 38, 40, etc. Then measure the fullest point of the breasts and subtract the band measurement from that number. The number of inches indicates cup size.

Full figure bras are composed of many parts and pieces. Some accepted terms are bands – referring to the area under the breasts, cups – the area that holds and supports the breasts, straps – hold up the bra, and clasps – hold the bra together at the front or back. Underwire shapes the breast, but doesn’t provide much support. Curvy women will likely find bras that fasten in the back are more comfortable and supportive than bras that fasten in the front. Full figure bras also require elastic, underwire, and straps. The support in a bra is provided by the material that makes the cup. Stretchier fabrics provide less support than non-extensible fabrics. The amount of material covering the breast is also a factor in support. A demi bra is less supportive than one that provides full coverage. Underwire in full figure bras is there for shaping, not support. A properly fitted underwire bra should have underwire that extends from under a woman’s arms around to the front of the breast to lift and shape. Full figure bras without underwire can provide the same or more support than bras that contain underwire. It depends on what shape a woman wants in her bra.

Strapless full figure bras are still a possibility. Newer bras contain silicone lining along the back and side wings, this gives a slightly sticky feeling that keeps the bra in place where it’s been placed, and gives the girls all the support they need. Full figure bras with three clasps and slightly wider bands provide more support and smoother contour lines from the back. Clear straps are also a possibility if the night out involves dancing or some other activity that might rearrange the initial placement. Though the evening might be more memorable if there is a “wardrobe malfunction”, nobody want to be the subject of that particular anecdote.

Full figure bras have evolved along with advances in technology to provide comfortable support to a variety of body shapes and sizes. Comfortable women are confident women who feel attractive and ready to try anything. Knowing a little bit about the physics involved in the construction of a vital clothing element means that women can shop for the best option to satisfy their particular needs. Every woman is unique and her underwear should be able to exceed her expectations.

Why You Should Read Environmental Articles

There is no denying the fact that the environment impacts all of us in one way or another. Whether it be global warming, solar power or water, environmental articles are popular in print media. The four main areas of concern are water, air, energy and land. This is mainly because these four factors are what impacts sustainability, and the effects of climate change. So why is it so important that we start making a change? It is because it all starts with you.

What Can You Do?


First of all, you may have noticed that many environmental articles revolve around the reduction of fossil fuels, and the cause of climate change. With some easy measures, you can reduce the use of fossil fuels, thus slowing down climate change.

According to the department of Ecology climate article, more than half of our CO2 comes from vehicles. You can take a bus, or carpool if possible. For each mile of driving you decrease, you can save one pound of carbon dioxide. Another vehicle related problem the article explains is idling. You should turn off your engine when waiting in line, or when picking someone up.  It is a common theme in environmental articles on how vehicles negatively impact the environment. In addition, you should cut back on the use of hot water, as well change your light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs.

Energy Saving Tips

Another energy saving tip that you should try is weatherproofing your home. For example, The State of Washington Department of Ecology explains how installing storm windows and closing curtains in the evening can reduce heat loss and energy. Many environmental articles discuss how saving energy has a direct impact on the climate. You can do your part by upgrading your insulation in walls, basements and attics. This could in turn help you save money as well.

In addition, the article also says that adjusting your thermostat slightly to just 2 degrees down in the winter, as well as 2 degrees up in the summer could eliminate approximately 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions.  Environmental articles often explain how Co2 emissions contribute to the Greenhouse Effect. The simple task of turning down your heat before you go to bed or leave the house, can actually slow down Co2 emissions. Moreover, when shopping for a TV or another appliance, you should look for the Energy Star label.

Live Green

The three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle should be put into practice by everyone. Recycling your old newspapers and water bottles will aid in using less energy to make products.  The climate change article offers the tip of buying products that require less packaging, or that use recyclable packaging. You may have noticed the common theme throughout these tips, as well as in environmental articles. It is no coincidence that the two are related, and why following these tips could save the Earth.

So the next time you read environmental articles, think about how the issues affect you and your family, and what you can do to save energy. As you have noticed, saving energy and “living green” are directly related to what you hear in the news. Whether you believe one person can make a difference or not, there is still something that you can do to slow down climate change.

Ice Carving and Sculptor Artistry

Ice sculpture takes a large brick of ice and turns it into something magical. Ice carving is becoming increasingly popular and you can find sculptures at weddings and large-scale events. Sculptures adorn the already beautiful landscapes outside of grand hotels like the Fairmount Lake Louise or the Banff springs.

Ice carving can be used to create a sculpture that is realistic or abstract depending on where you are going to be placing your carving. There is several ice sculpture competitions held around the world. If you have any desire to start this as a hobby yourself, there are a few things you will need to add to your ice carving toolbox.

art1Ice Tongs:

First things first, you can’t do much ice carving if you can’t move your ice blocks around so you’ll need tongs at some point. You want to pick just the perfect sharpness because they have to be sharp enough to hold the ice firmly, but if they are too sharp you risk them sinking too deeply into the ice.


This is a vital tool you will need to use in ice carving for every sculpture. It’s fantastic for quickly flattening a surface so you can make a level wall for a castle or a flat slab for your ice sculpture bar.

Small Nailboard:

When you need to clear off a little snow from a sculpture during set up for ice carving, a smaller nailboard will do a more precise job.

Electric chainsaw: with a long bar

A Craftsman with an 18 inch bar, or a Stihl, either a MSE-220, or a long bar on a MSE-140 is an essential ice carving tool. This saw is usually used for splitting blocks, for making snow and for making long straight cuts. Tip: leave the chain a little loose because it isn’t cutting curved surfaces. A loose chain will cut more aggressively, but it will also come off the bar more often if the chain is pushed laterally during turning cuts.

Electric chainsaw: with a short bar

When just starting out you can use one saw, but eventually for ice carving it will be handy to have more than one. The variety will allow you to perform more precise maneuvers with the ice.

Flat Chisels:

Select some flat chisels from a specialty ice carving store and at the same time pick up some tools for keeping them sharp.

Small Flat Chisels:

These are the simple narrow wood chisels that you can get at any hardware store. They are used for ice carving to clear out small sections of ice while doing white-on-ice engraving or removing small amounts of ice from three dimensional pieces.

Dremel Tool with Ice Needle:

The ice needle on a dremel is a fantastic tool for the fine, intricate details of ice carving.

Ice Pick:

You can find these at all shops which sell ice carving tools and they are useful for removing large, rough pieces of ice.

Bits and Pieces:

There are a few little tools that are also helpful to get you started when ice carving: Syringes, brushes, butane torch, handsaw, magic markers and small aluminum plates to perfect the flat surfaces.

Track Lighting-Benefits of Switching to LED

Controlling the light source in your place of business allows you to control the whole look and feel of your chosen mood, decor and color scheme. While decorative lamps and chandeliers are always excellent choices, few types of indoor lighting offer the ease and flexibility of LED track lighting. This type of lighting allows your light source to be moved around at will as your setups and displays change, making certain that the focus will always be where you want it. But there is a way to improve upon the benefits of track lighting, and that is to convert your track lighting system to use LED lights. There are a few reasons why this is a great idea.

It’s Easy

Converting your track light system to LED is as simple as installing LED bulbs where your older light bulbs used to be. There is no need to remove your tracks or rewire your electrical system. LED lighting is not difficult to obtain, nor does it have any special requirements for care and maintenance. An LED lighting system works in extreme temperatures, so even if your place of work isn’t a comfortable office or shop, they are an excellent long term choice. In addition, LED lights have a very long life span, meaning less work for you in the long run. It’s easy now, and it stays easy.

It’s Attractive

LED lights ( are one of the most flexible and customizable light sources on the market. They can be set up to have multiple intensities of light, from very dim to extremely bright, without the need to change your bulbs. One LED light source can put out a variety of colours, allowing you to choose exactly how you want your lighting to look. You have the ability to create a bright and dynamic look, a cozy, low-lit ambiance or anything in between. When attached to a track light system, you have the ability to completely revolutionize the way your store or office is lit, allowing for an environment that will leave your customers feeling impressed.

It’s Good For the Environment

LED lights, unlike many more traditional light bulbs, contain no toxic chemicals. They put out no UV emissions and very little infrared light, so they are completely safe to install in your workplace or even in your home. LED lights are also one hundred percent recyclable, so even when they have served their purpose, they will not contribute to pollution or landfill buildup. Because of their long life spans, fewer LED lights get thrown out, meaning that using LED lights can significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint. It’s also worth remembering that energy efficient light bulbs, while they may cost more up front, will save your business a lot of money in energy saved. You will notice the difference on your electrical bill almost immediately after making the switch.

LED Lights Last For a Long Time

The long life span of LED lights deserves some mention all on its own. Because they are so energy efficient, LED lights do not burn out nearly as quickly as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In fact most LED lighting systems last an estimated 100 000 hours. That’s eleven years of uninterrupted use, which expands to twenty-two years of use if you turn the lights off at night. This negates the need to constantly spend money on new light bulbs, not to mention the awkwardness of climbing on ladders (and sometimes on desks or counters) to change the light bulbs when they expire.

You Are In Control

Switching your track lighting system to LED bulbs gives you a system that you control completely. It’s an easy move and it remains low maintenance for the entire long life span of the system. Being able to maximize the potential of your lighting system is an underestimated perk. People tend not to notice the lighting in a business, but it’s a guarantee that they will notice if your lighting is patchy or sub-par. LED track lighting gives you the control to make your workplace look professionally lit and welcoming at all times. Whether you need intense lighting in a factory setting or pleasant illumination in a shop or in an office, LED track lighting will fulfil your needs and brighten your place of business.

The Benefits of Online Preschool Curriculum

As the years go on, new ways of completing day-to-day tasks start to emerge. The online world is a large presence in the lives of many people. Paying bills, banking, shopping, and making appointments have all been made readily available via the internet. Online technology has integrated itself into society so much that now even schooling can be completed online. Not just university courses, but now also for preschool. Online preschools offer curriculum to parents who wish to homeschool their children from an early age. This can be beneficial for a child’s learning process for a number of reasons.

Aside from costing significantly less than enrolling children in a preschool facility, online preschools have a number of benefits for both children and parents. Although the primary learning environment is in the home, children can still have much of the same experience as if they were learning within a classroom setting. By choosing to use an online preschool curriculum, parents will be able to spend one-on-one time with their child as they teach them the various subjects required. The main place of learning does not have to be constricted to just the inside of the home, and it is actually more beneficial for children to learn in various places, such as museums, nature, and other local facilities.

Following an online preschool curriculum allows for children and families to work together. By being a part of the child’s learning experience, parents will be able to easily identify any problem areas that their children may be having when it comes to certain subjects. The earlier a learning issue is identified, the easier it is to resolve.

Using an online preschool curriculum also integrates the use of videos and interactive resources. This allows children to have fun while they are learning, and look forward to their everyday preschool activities. Learning doesn’t feel like learning to a child when they are participating in something new and exciting.

PreschoolBecause the child will be learning primarily online, the use of online preschool curriculums will allow them to become more familiar with technology. This will make learning easier in the long run, as the use of technology becomes mandatory throughout the high school and university years. Preparing a child for their future at a young age is beneficial for both the child and the parent.

Deciding if a child is going to use online preschool curriculums or enroll in a preschool curriculum is at the discretion of the parents. It is important to take all factors into account when deciding if online preschool is the right fit for a child. It should also be noted that once a child has been enrolled in online preschool, the option of transferring the student to a preschool facility is available. Many parents also use online preschool as a way to prepare their child for enrolment in a preschool facility so that they may adjust to the curriculum and day-to-day activities. Online preschool is a great option for children, as they will be able to learn and grow just as they would be able to in a physical preschool setting.