Torn Between Aristocracy and Humanity – The Patrician by John Galsworthy

John Galsworthy was an English novelist and playwright and one of the most popular writers of the early 20th century. His work revolved around social history and themes, and often incorporated into them, the nuances of values, classes, and hierarchy; especially that of the Edwardian era. The Patrician by John Galsworthy, a novel first published in 1911, narrated the story of young Lord Miltoun and his life torn between the need to be in a position of power and the desire for true love.

The Author

John Galsworthy was born in 1867, in Surrey, studied at Harrow and New College, Oxford, and later got admitted to the bar in 1890. However, he discontinued his profession in law and took to writing full time, after the release of his first novel, Jocelyn. He then went on to publish many famous novels and plays, including the Forsyte series: Indian Summer of a Forsyte, In Chancery, Awakening, and To Let. Galsworthy was awarded the Order of Merit in 1929 and the Nobel Prize for literature in 1932. He breathed his last at Hampstead in 1933.

The Plot

Lord Miltoun, the eldest son of the Lord and Lady Valleys at the Caradocs, is a charismatic young leader who believes that the power to lead his fellow men is the greatest good. His eyes are set on London and his family sees in him, the power to be the next Prime Minister of England. Things take a turn when Miltoun falls in love with Audrey Noel, a sensitive yet beautiful young lady rumored to be a divorcee. Audrey, on the other hand leads a joyless life thanks to her husband, a bigoted clergyman, who refuses to divorce her. She reciprocates in full, the love that Miltoun has for her. With this relationship builds a conflict in the young patrician’s mind. He understands the need to remain immaculate in order to continue in a post of power and the doom an illicit relationship could bring to his leadership. In the meanwhile, another love affair blossoms in the background, between Barbara, the younger sister of Miltoun, and Charles Courtier, an altruistic friend of Mrs. Noel. Courtier also happens to be an idealist and an opponent of Miltoun. In spite of the love affair with Audrey, Miltoun wins the elections by a margin and occupies his seat of power. In London, he falls seriously ill and is nursed back to health by his lady love. Sensing impending danger, Lady Valleys summons her son and Barbara to their Uncle, Lord Dennis’ seaside residence, where Miltoun recovers fully. The turmoil still high, he writes back to Audrey thanking her and during his return to London, meets Courtier, who pleads with him not to disown her. However, Miltoun realizes his true need for leadership and Mrs. Noel helps him by sacrificing her feelings for him and goes away. Barbara and Courtier too weave hopes of marriage, but the latter’s pride stand in their way and she gets married to Lord Harbinger.

The Patrician, like other novels by John Galsworthy, received much critical acclaim for its deep characterization and portrayal of the ‘drying’ effect of aristocracy.

Double eyelid surgery has many potential benefits.

This past month on The Talk, Julie Chen shared a personal secret that in the ‘90s while working at a TV station she was informed that she would never be on the anchor desk because she was Chinese.  Ms. Chen actually presented a very subtle and nuanced discussion about why she ultimately went forward with double fold surgery.  Her motivations were truly intermixed with both the racist attitudes of the day and the real reasons that many Asians seek double fold surgery.

Unfortunately the message is too subtle for mainstream American culture to understand.  They prefer to understand the Julie Chen story as a young Asian who was forced to compromise her cultural identity and have her eyes “Westernized,” so she could climb the ladder to success.  However, her story is much more layered than that.  She had a physical issue: she lacked a double fold and had upper eyelid ptosis.  These two physical issues are commonly seen in Asian eyelids.  Ptosis means that the upper eyelid margin is too low on the eye.  In addition to this she lacked an eyelid platform, which is a fixed area of skin above the upper eyelid lashes.  This platform of skin is needed to hold eye makeup.

She was advised by a high level agent, who knew what he was talking about, that these two issues would affect her marketability on television.  As she freely admits, her career took off after she had these physical issues addressed surgically.  Her pictures also suggest that she had rhinoplasty but she has denied this.  Make no mistake, she did not “Westernize” her eyelids.  What she did was make it possible for others to see her eyes, which improved and enhanced her physical attractiveness.  This small surgery made a huge difference in her career.  Her surgery was a specialized Asian cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian blepharoplasty, also known as “double eyelid surgery” and “double fold surgery”, is cosmetic eyelid surgery that either creates an eyelid platform and an upper eyelid fold where none existed or improves an existing double fold.  Scientific research has found that the eyes contribute significantly to the subjective assessment of beauty. While the perception of beauty is subjective, evolutionary neuropsychologists have found certain Universal standards of beauty including eyes that are larger, wider and more prominent.  The upper eyelid crease serves to frame the eye and together with the aid of proper makeup, the appearance of the eye is esthetically enhanced.  In contrast, the lack of a double fold with a well-defined upper eyelid platform, a droopy eyelid contribute to a slow, dull, or disinterested appearance.   Double fold surgery is used to define an upper eyelid platform.  It is limited superiorly by the crease and covered by the upper eyelid fold.  The goal is preservation of the typical Asian eyelid with a limited but well define and even platform visible below the fold.  It is essential that there be a fold that partially covers the upper eyelid platform.  The platform skin and the muscle underlying the platform skin needs to be properly tensioned to the levator aponeurosis, the tendon that opens the upper eyelid.  This transfers tension to the eyelashes.  Done correctly, this helps support the eyelashes so they do not overly shade the eye.  This contributes to a bright-eyed appearance.

The Procedure

It is far too easy to underestimate the challenges of double fold surgery.  Double fold surgery is an exercise in extreme precision and finesse.  No two eyelids are symmetric, yet our vision is capable discerning small difference between the eyes.  This requires the surgeon to endeavor for a level of accuracy that is actually beyond what can reasonably be expected due to how the tissues heal.  Dealing with this conundrum requires artfulness.  The pre-operative assessment must be very detailed to design a surgery that encompasses the issues that must be addressed to realize the best possible outcome.

Beyond the lack of a fold, the true upper eyelid position must be assessed to determine if the eyelid is ptotic or droopy.  Correcting this requires ptosis surgery, which is separate from what is normally thought of as double fold surgery-the creation of an upper eyelid crease and the removal of the correct amount of upper eyelid skin.  During the assessment, the surgeon in consultation with the patient needs to decide how much platform is to show below the upper eyelid fold.  The crease height then needs to be determined.  Many textbooks describe how the upper eyelid crease should be placed at 10 mm for women.  This is far too high for double fold.  These eyelids need creases at 5.5 to 6.5 mm.  The eyelid crease is the lower edge of the upper eyelid excision.  The upper edge of this excision is determinied by how much skin is being removed.  This is determined by the desired platform show.  It is not unusual to only remove a few millimeters of upper eyelid skin with these surgeries. What is left is far more important than what is removed.

Generally almost no fat is removed from the upper eyelid in these surgeries.  It is actually very important to preserve upper fold volume.  Classical anchor blepharoplasty is then performed to precisely attach the upper cut edge of the eyelid platform to the levator aponeurosis. The levator aponeurosis is the tendon of the upper eyelid that raises the upper eyelid when the eye opens.  When the platform is precisely defined, the skin and underlying platform of the upper eyelid heals with a snug appearance, which makes a suitable place for eye makeup.

Initially the swelling of the upper eyelid makes the upper eyelid crease look high.  If this is not the case, it may be an early indication that too much skin was left in the eyelid.  Generally within a couple of weeks of surgery, there is enough healing that strangers stop asking what happened.  Generally it is a couple of months of healing before the crease begins to fall to a reasonable height.  However, it is still many more months before all of the swelling disappears and a final result can reasonably be declared.

Repairing Unsatisfactory Work

World famous Beverly Hills Eye Plastic Surgeon, Kenneth Steinsapir, M.D. does amazing double fold surgery.  Perhaps more remarkable is the repair work that he is able to accomplish to correct improperly done double fold surgery.  The methods he uses are complex and often designed for unique individual situations.  Using his vast experience and his detailed understand of the Asian eyelid, he has been successful in repairing and improving eyelids that others have described as impossible and beyond hope.

The Impact

Undergoing a double fold surgery can make a tremendous difference in your appearance.  It can correct puffiness in the upper eyelids that causes the eyes to appear tired.  When needed, this work can be combined with ptosis surgery to create a much brighter looking eye.   For many, it will help increase their level of confidence in themselves.  The story of Julie Chen exemplifies the impact this type of surgery can make. It is not about Westernizing the eyelid.  It is about your personal aesthetic to be your best.

Treatment Rehabilitation for Addiction

Treatment rehabilitation is a combination of medical care and restoration. People affected by alcoholism and drug addiction, can’t get better unless these two phenomena’s work together. You literally can’t have one without the other.

Treatment – Medical and Emotional Care

Treatment and rehabilitation involves the physical treatment of the disease and the lifestyle changes addicts need to get better.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment for addictions may include “medications, behavioral therapies, or their combination.” Treatment is initially required, and rehabilitation is what is necessary for long-term help for the alcoholic or drug user to gain control of their addictions and restore their lives to what they once were.

They go on to say that there are different approaches to the treatment of addictions. They can include cognitive-behavioral therapy or contingency management, or medications. The type of treatment or combination varies on what the patient needs and what drug(s) they’re addicted to.

It’s interesting to note that according to their website, the effects are the same on the brain with prescription drug abuse as they are with illicit drugs. A treatment for heroin addiction, buprenorphine, can be used to treat opioid pain medication addiction.

Treatment and rehabilitation cross over each other in that the treatments given for addiction also help with rehabilitation. However there are other steps involved in the rehabilitation process.


Treatment Rehabilitation – the Long and Short of Addiction

Treatment is given in the initial stages, but is only short-term, while rehabilitation is a long-term process.

Rehabilitation is a process the addict has to go through during and after treatment to stop the substance abuse, and restore themselves to a satisfactory condition.

Since drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, it is categorized by relapses. So a short one time only treatment is not enough. For a lot of addicts, treatment rehabilitation is a long process that includes regular monitoring and multiple interventions.

Rehabilitation Treatment

To help addicts rehabilitate and treat their disease they need ongoing rehabilitation treatment. This involves a variety of actions. Sometimes they need to take prescriptions, particularly if they are also dealing with depression, along with other ways of learning to cope.

Addiction often stems from what is called self-medicating, which is taking drugs or alcohol without medical supervision. People often self-medicate because they want to feel better emotionally and physically, or to suppress unpleasant memories.

Rehabilitation Treatments

This involves counselling and sharing experiences with other addicts. People afflicted with addictions need to get to the heart of how and why their addiction started. Often it is because they are running from current or past situations that they don’t want to deal with.

Addicts can’t get better until they are consciously aware of what these issues are. Then they can take the necessary steps to deal with them. With the help of trained professional or others experienced and knowledgeable with the real life feelings and lifestyle of an addict.

Eventually the rehabilitation treatments will get addicts healthy again, but only after a lot of hard work.

Family Medical Budget with an RX Discount Card

Money is tight for many people nowadays, and issues over money can cause serious stress on couples and families. Unfortunately people might feel like they need to choose between their health and a full bank account, but this is not true. People can save money on their healthcare costs through many means, including using a prescription or RX discount card. Here are a few ways families can save money on health and medical costs.

Check healthcare coverage:
The choice does not need to be money or health: it is possible to have both

Whether a person is eligible for Medicare (run by the Federal government) or Medicaid (run by the State government) depends on several factors, including age, pre-existing conditions, and income. No matter what healthcare coverage a person has through government programs or through their work, they should always read and ask questions about what medical procedures are covered under their plan, how much premiums are, and how much they have to copay for said procedures. Whether a person has an RX discount card for prescriptions or not, knowing exactly what is covered under a person’s healthcare plan means being able to be informed about a person’s financial and medical health.

Talk to professional medical care staff

Some people might assume that if they get sick or run into a health scare they have to pay whatever price is available and that there are no other options for treatments, but this is not always the case. It is important for people to ask their doctors, pharmacists, and any other medical care staff they interact with questions about their health, and any medical problems that may arise. Find out if there are lower cost treatment or prescription medications that can be taken to help with any medical problems. Ask if a free RX discount card can be used for current medical prescriptions. No matter what the issue is, people should ask questions and raise concerns if they are worried about choosing between their health and their financial wellbeing.

Improve health and lifestyle

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 7 out of 10 top causes of death in the United States are for preventable diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer. For many people, making positive changes to exercise more, eat a better diet, improve sleep, quit smoking, and reduce alcohol intake will greatly improve their quality of life—and help lower their risk of getting most of these preventable diseases. While up front it might seem more expensive to eat a healthy salad than to splurge for fast food, by preventing illness through healthy habits people are saving money in the long run, and they are investing into their own wellbeing. Even if someone does get sick, they can get a free RX discount card. This card is available to anyone online and can be used to help save people money on prescription medication costs—sometimes up to 80% off the listed price. While it might not seem like a big deal, these changes can make a drastic improvement in a person’s health and, eventually, in their wallet as well.

Getting Help for Alcohol Dependency at Treatment Centers for Alcohol

Alcohol and substance abuse affects millions of people, from different backgrounds and beliefs, all across the country. The reasons for alcohol dependency will vary from person to person, and with every situation. Some people may naturally be predisposed to alcoholism because of their genetic background, but alcohol dependency is also influenced by social, psychological, and environmental factors. While research has been done on alcohol abuse the truth is that the reasons for a person’s alcohol dependency is likely a very complicated. Getting help for alcohol dependency can one of the hardest things a person may have to do, but treatment centers for alcohol can help people in long process in making a full recovery from alcohol dependency.

TreatmentCentersForAlcohol                                           It can be hard work, but recovery from alcoholism is possible.

Family and friends may be overwhelmed when dealing with a loved one who has a problem with alcohol dependency. Feeling overwhelmed and stress however is a perfectly natural response. Family, friends, and colleagues may want what is best, but dealing with a person who has alcohol dependency it is important to seek professional help. People with an alcohol dependency have an addiction to the substance, and for them seeking a full recovery is not something that can occur overnight. Many people with alcohol dependencies may want to get help, but may not know where to turn. Seeking treatment at treatment centers for alcohol is the first step in a long road recovery from alcohol dependency.

Just as the reasons for alcohol dependency cab be attributed to many factors and will vary on the person involved so will that person’s treatment for alcohol dependency. It is important for anyone who has a loved one, family member, friend, or colleague to understand how to best approach the subject of treatment and recovery for someone with alcohol dependency. Being too forceful could potentially cause the person to act defensively, lash out, and refuse treatment. Backing off and not doing anything will mean the person will not get the treatment they need. Seeking help at treatment centers for alcohol should the goal, but unless it is legally required the person with alcohol dependency could refuse treatment. Of course this is not the goal, so it is important the subject of treatment and recovery to not to be brought up in a negative way.

A person may want to approaches someone who suffers from alcohol dependency and insist he or she should go to treatment centers for alcohol right away, but this could cause problems. It might be best for people with loved ones suffering from alcohol dependency to go to a support group meeting. Speaking to other people who have gone through similar circumstances can help people choose what type of treatment recovery option might be best for their loved one. They can also help that person choose the best course of action when approaching someone about their alcohol dependency and treatment. They can help that person choose the best treatment option for their recovery, and offer the support they need through their recovery journey.

Some Ways to Ease the Cost of Medication

Medicine, like many useful things, is expensive. Depending on the drug, medication can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. Even less costly drugs can build up a large bill over time if they are a regularly recurring expense. Insurance can help alleviate the cost of medication, but the fact is that if your well-being depends on a particularly expensive drug, or if you know that you will be taking your medication long-term, you will want to find as many ways as possible to reduce your prescription costs. You will also want to supplement your money-saving strategies with a free prescription discount card. Here are a few things to try:

Shop Around

Not all pharmacies are created equal. When your doctor hands you a prescription, it may not be in your best interest to simply fill it at your local pharmacy. If you need your medication immediately, phone around the pharmacies in your area to find out which one has the best price for the medication that you need. If it’s a regular medication and you can wait to receive it, online and mail-order pharmacies often have better pricing than regular pharmacies. Make certain that the pharmacy you choose accepts your free prescription discount card and save even more money with a discount.


Buy Generic

Many drugs come in two types: brand name and generic. There is very little difference in the actual composition of the drug, and the active ingredients are chemically identical. The difference is that the brands that make generic drugs do not advertise or market their drugs, and often sell them in plainer packaging. This means that you will pay quite a bit less for the product. A free prescription discount card will still reduce the price on generic drugs, adding to your savings.

Find a Good Discount Program

The discount card programs discussed above can be found through a number of sources. To find one that works for you, just look around. Your doctor or pharmacist may know of a program that offers free prescription discount cards and will most likely be willing to help you out. Your friends and family may already be using a card to help with medication expenses and will be happy to point you in the right direction. An internet search is also a good idea. Many discount cards don’t even require you to sign up; you simply print off the card and you’re good to go. Find one that works at the pharmacies you are most likely to use.

Peace of Mind for the Whole Family

Medicine is expensive and you never know when you or someone in your family is going to need it. Even if you have an insurance plan, you may be able to find ways to reduce the cost of your medication. Whether you’re dealing with a sick spouse or a child who needs constant care, every little bit helps. When it’s time for a trip to the pharmacy, it helps to be prepared with a free prescription discount card.

Discovering How RX Savings Cards Work

The cost of prescriptions for both brand name and generic medications have risen for years. RX savings card programs were put in place to help consumers save money in lieu of this, but is it possible to really save money with an RX savings card?

First of all, you can enroll for free to receive an RX savings card. They don’t expire, and there are no limits on how many times they can be used at a pharmacy to get prescriptions filled.   Most savings cards save consumers between 15% and 80% off the cost of their medications, at over 63,000 pharmacies across the United States.  The amount of the discount varies for each specific prescription.

Some of the major retail and chain stores that have pharmacies such as Walgreens and Walmart, are among the businesses that accept RX savings cards. They have contracted with the prescription assistance network discount program to offer savings to their customers who have the card.  The RX savings card can be printed directly from a supplier’s website. You don’t need to give your name, e-mail address, phone number, and you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. All you have to do is print the page that has all the details a pharmacy needs to order medications at the discount prices.

As well, the pharmacy will put the RX savings card information into the system. So it only has to be shown once. After that, every time the prescription is filled, the pharmacy has everything they need on file.


Prescription Costs and the RX Savings Card

For example, if you have prescription expenses that cost close to $400 a month, you could take the card to the pharmacy and possibly only have to pay between $70 and $100. That’s a savings of $300 and this can be done without having health insurance.

Since the RX savings card doesn’t require a specific account number and is so easy to get, anyone can use it. Including, underinsured or uninsured patients, not-for-profit organizations, restaurant workers, single parents, etc.
In reply to the question, do RX savings cards really work? The answer is yes. As you can see, free prescription discount card programs can save a lot of money for the patients who use them.

Health Benefits of Having an RX Savings Card

Staying healthy in today’s economy is a lot easier with an RX savings card. Its main goal is stop the need for patients to pay such high prices for prescribed medicines. Which of course, directly impacts the health of everyone, particularly people suffering from chronic diseases, such as asthma.

They are particularly useful to seniors who have a lot of medication to take each month. Especially those who usually go without their medicine because they can’t afford it. With an RX savings card they can get the medicine they need to stay healthy with a better quality of life.

An RX savings card is one of the best ways to keep medical costs down and stay healthy. And it’s super easy to use.

Let’s open up our eyes to the truth about addiction rehab

Not so glamorous

As much as it may be interesting or entertaining for a portion of our nation’s population to keep track of all the times that a famous star had checked into addiction rehab and then checked out only to return soon again, it is probably no big secret that people’s suffering is, in fact, not entertainment. At least, it’s not entertainment for good human beings. The fact that stars and socialites are often trapped in their addictions is only the manifestation of a much more serious reality – a national epidemic of substance abuse and addictions that is getting inadequate attention on the part of governments and the civil society.

Does addiction rehab even work?

Addiction rehab, if one takes away the “entertainment” component, is associated in the minds of many with recovery from alcohol, drug and other types of addiction. It has taken its nominal place as the scientific method of “curing” addicts and returning them to the world. Is that view of addiction rehab true? More and more specialists come to the conclusion that this view is unjustified and unsupported by hard facts. Treatment at an addiction rehab facility is not the same as and should not be equated to a person’s guaranteed recovery from their situation, nor does it in itself imply that the rehab patients are well-equipped to reintegrate into the society as its productive members.

Are there other methods?

And yet, this view has persistently remained in the forefront of many people’s minds when it comes to thinking about ways to resolve the problem of substance abuse in the United States and elsewhere. It is reinforced daily by the images of frail but smiling Oscar or Grammy nominees waving to their fans waiting for them to come out of the addiction rehabilitation institution’s doors. It is further set loose by the media denigrating “outdated”, “unproven”, “traditional” and “strange” alternatives to chemical and medication rehab. Only through the collective action of thousands of people, including current and former addicts, their family members, health care professionals and others, will it possible to turn this negative tide back and reclaim our society’s ability to solve this problem and strengthen ourselves through it.

A call to action

Importantly, few people are aware of viable and time-tested alternatives or supplements to chemical treatment in addiction rehab. The work of psychologists, social workers, families, self-help groups and others that has been shown to make a visible difference in the lives of addicts is virtually unknown outside of a small circle. Changing that is in our power. Large pharmaceutical companies and media and entertainment empires may disagree, but it is up to regular citizens that care about the situation to raise their voices and talk about the truth behind the alleged “glamour” and “fun” of addiction rehab in the world of celebrities. We need to have an open and fair discussion of ways that medicinal treatments are failing to help while doing nothing for social reintegration. Lives of people are at stake. Do your research and join the conversation.

Discount Prescriptions can be Yours with the Right Card

Discount prescriptions can be yours if you have a discount prescription card. They are pre-approved, and are issued free of charge to residents of the United States. They are intended to help you save money on your prescriptions and there is no enrollment so you never have to file a claim. As well, there is no risk or hidden costs. Many people think cards offering discount prescriptions are charity but that’s not true. Discount cards are for business, not charity, however, many people and businesses get to reap the benefits. To understand how the card works, you need to know how the business side works, and who is involved.

Businesses and Patients Participating in Discount Prescriptions


Patients who need prescriptions are the main players. Generally, patients have to pay high-priced prescription costs or sacrifice their health by not buying the medications they need, because they can’t afford to. So a discount card is always a way out of this horrible situation for them.


Pharmacies come next. They are huge companies that are out to make money. Since some people can’t pay for their prescriptions, the pharmacies lose business, which of course is not good from their perspective. To solve this problem they offer discount prescriptions by way of discount cards. This way, they can still help people, bring in repeat customers, and not lose any business. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Additionally, pharmacies gain financially with discount prescription cards because they get a commission from the company that issues the card. Instead of health insurance companies that pay a lot smaller commission for drugs.


Companies Issuing the Discounts for Prescriptions

Last but not least, the company issuing the card for discount prescriptions gains as well. They make money because the pharmacies pay them an electronic transaction fee for online claim transmissions. The company that issues the card only makes money if the patient uses the card to get the savings. As well, they get a network of patients who use the card so they can negotiate deals with more pharmacies.

How Cards for Discount Prescriptions Work for Patients

The pre-approved discount cards are issued to patients absolutely free of charge. These discount cards are sometimes issued at a doctor’s offices and organizations, or they’re mailed out. Patients can also get them off the internet. The discount prescription cards are not the same as health insurance cards, and they can’t be used together.

Once a card for discount prescriptions is issued, the patient can go directly to a pharmacy, as long as the pharmacy and card issuing company are affiliated. There is a list of such pharmacies on the card company’s website, or wherever the card was issued. When the patient gets their prescription filled, all they have to do is show the card to the pharmacist or clerk. Some pharmacies even store the card information for discount prescriptions into their system so it is there the next time the patient gets a prescription filled. Getting discount prescriptions is a life saver for people who have to buy a lot of prescriptions.

An Overview of Eyelid Surgery

With the appearance of our eyes being so central to the way we look overall, in addition to the eyes’ more essential functions such as vision and communication, it is no wonder that oculoplastic surgery has become a popular and valuable way of dramatically revitalizing your appearance. When you are seeking an improvement in your overall facial aesthetic, eyelid surgery can be a profound method of enhancing your features and restoring a youthful balance to your looks.

The nature of your eyelid surgery will depend upon your specific goals, and it must be custom-designed accordingly. There are many highly specialized kinds of eyelid surgeries, and for the best results possible, each surgery is even further refined on an individual basis in order to address the presentation of your individual concerns.

Eyelid surgery can help you to address very specific concerns, including functional goals, cosmetic goals, or both. The right eyelid surgery for you will be specialized. For example, there are numerous types of eyelid surgery, including blepharoplasty (which is even further specialized and defined on a case-by-case basis), ptosis surgery, Asian eyelid surgery, correctional and revisional surgery, and surgery for skin cancer of the eyelid and other medical issues.  Regardless of whether your eyelid concerns are more cosmetic or medically essential (or in some cases both), the key to achieving the best outcome possible is in working with an oculoplastic surgeon who understands the unique complexity that each and every eye presents. With extensive experience and specialization, your surgeon can then customize your treatment in a way that appears right for you.

With eyelid surgery in particular, it is important to understand that every eyelid is different, and therefore your treatment must be individually planned in order to meet your goals and achieve a look that is right for you. Eyelid surgery is not a standard treatment with a given single approach; rather it can be understood as a description of a range of surgeries that should in every case be very specifically and carefully planned to meet your personal goals.

Specialized kinds of eyelid surgeries include the “eyelid lift” or blepharoplasty, corrective surgeries that address anatomical and functional issues like ptosis or skin cancer, as well as revisional surgery that addresses previous treatments with nonspecialists that may initially have had dissatisfactory outcomes. Such results can also be improved upon with the help of a highly experienced ophthalmologist who has experience in addressing concerns like yours. This should be a physician who places a very high emphasis on natural results with a demonstrable level of success.

The good news is that help is available with the many kinds of very specialized eyelid surgeries available, which can address your concerns on an individual basis, providing great results. To learn more about how eyelid surgery can help you to achieve the look you desire, consult with the best oculoplastic surgeon you can find.